Fotografía: Gissur Steinarsson, Guilherme Romano, Ray Hennessy, Sharon Watters, Wynand Van Poortvliet.

I am very curious about how the economy of a country prospers due to international trade and the innovation of its small and medium enterprises.



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    About Export Wings

    In the era of economic globalisation and digitalisation, small and medium companies which export successfully have:

    • The capacity to master different skills and adapt to different environments.
    • The ability to construct lasting relationships based on an efficient Route to Market strategy.
    • The capacity to create value for their clients while minimising cultural differences.

    Does your small or medium company possess these characteristics?

    What if I told you that a little bird, no more than 25 cms tall, called the Atlantic Puffin:

    • Flies and dives to hunt. It also digs in the earth to create its nests.
    • Chooses a mate for life. It is socially active. Once on land, it interacts with the whole colony.
    • Spends extended periods at sea and part of its behaviour is still unknown.

    "The great book, which is always open and which we should make the effort to read, is the book of Nature"

    Antoni Gaudí, Architect