The first country in terms of GDP in Central America, Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the 7 Central America’s countries. It is the most populous country in the region and ranks first in terms of GDP, ahead of Costa Rica and Panama.

Guatemala Trade in Goods Export Wings


Guatemala was the 82nd largest exporting economy in 2021, with a total of $13.5 billion, according to data from the International Trade Center (ITC). Behind Uzbekistan (81) with $14,03 billion and followed by Panama (83) with $13,3 billion. The countries in its geographic influence area such as Mexico, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic were place in positions 12th, 80th, and 89th respectively.


Over the period 2018-2021, merchandise exports have increased by 9.6% on average annually, from $10.8 billion in 2018 to $13.5 billion in 2021. Imports reached the figure of $26.6 billion in 2021. The trade balance deficit stood at $13.0 billion.


In 2021, the top 5 Guatemalan exports, with a total of 27%, were:

  1. Bananas: $943 million (7%)
  2. Coffee: $928 million (7%)
  3. Palm oil: $709 million (5%)
  4. Nutmeg, mace and cardamom $520 million (4%)
  5. Cane or beet sugar: $507 million (4%)


In terms of imported products in 2021, the top 5 imports account for 22%:

  1. Petroleum oils: $3.08 billion (12%)
  2. Telephones: $837 million (3%)
  3. Medicines: $666 million (3%)
  4. Automobiles and other vehicles for the transport of people: $658 million (2%)
  5. Motor vehicles for the transport of goods: $595 million (2%)


The main export destinations are:

  • United States 32%
  • El Salvador 13%
  • Honduras 10%
  • Nicaragua 6%
  • Mexico 4%


The main sources of imports are:


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Data from 2021, other years are stated.

Foto de Andres Ch Mendez en Unsplash

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